public interest journalism lab
Founded by Ukrainian journalists Nataliya Gumenyuk and Angelina Kariakina,
the Public Interest Journalism Lab is an interdisciplinary coalition of partners, including the Arena Programme at the London School of Economics, Kharkiv Institute of Social Research, and Lviv Media Forum.

The Lab'a main tasks are creating high quality content to promote a constructive discussion around complex social topics, and testing this content on audiences, before developing editorial strategies based on the sociological research.
The Kharkiv Institute of Social Research

is an independent, non-profit organisation. Since 1999 their research has mainly focused on access to justice in Ukraine, police transparency, public safety in regions which are located near to zones of military conflict in Ukraine; discriminatory practices and the reformation of social services at the community level.
The Lviv Media Forum

is the biggest media conference in Central and Eastern Europe, an ecosystem of people, organisations and projects. It develops comprehensive media solutions and popularises the best worldwide media practices in Ukraine.
The Arena Programme LSE

The London School of Economics researches the causes of disinformation, polarisation and hate speech and creates counter responses. specialises in best practices for creating media content in the public interest, and in cutting-edge sociological research that investigates how to overcome the challenges of polarisation and disinformation.
Public Interest Journalism Lab

The Lab seeks to popularise best practices for public interest journalism in the digital age.
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